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Thursday 16th May 2024 

The Post Office Sub-Postmasters Scandal - An Update

We are indeed fortunate that Kay Linnell, who has been closely involved with the fight for justice for some local postmasters, is able to speak to us today. She will provide an update both as to the behind the scenes history of the scandal and offer us some valuable insights as to how the situation has developed by the time of her talk.


She hopes to be accompanied by Mrs Barbara Jeremiah JP who, as head of her firm, started the entire exercise for their small firm to champion the sub-postmasters’ cause. Kay is a forensic accountant, where her Practice is regularly instructed to assist the Police in investigating crime and in dealing with the Proceeds of Crime Act’s civil confiscation proceedings


She was a Governor and Vice Chairman of the Expert Witness Institute until July 2022 and remains a Fellow. Amongst her many roles, she sits on the Legal Process Working Group of the Fraud Advisory Panel to advise on current issues and legislation, based on her experience as a professional Expert Witness in both criminal, civil and family cases in the Courts and Tribunals. She sits as an Arbitrator and deals in commercial and construction disputes worldwide and was a member of the Dispute Board Federation in Geneva.


Who better to bring us up to date on what is accepted as the greatest-ever miscarriage of justice in the UK?

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